John Lashley Secures NYS Code Enforcement Certification

John Lashley Secures NYS Code Enforcement Certification

Code and Zoning Analyst John Lashley recently attained the prestigious Certified Code Enforcement Official (CEO) status from New York State. John is the first Metropolis team member to earn this certification, making Metropolis Group the only code consulting/expediting firm with this distinction. John’s accreditation begins January 1, 2022.

“The Technical Affairs team is the consulting arm of Metropolis, and our expertise comes from our experience and education. The more thorough our education, the more value we offer,” says John.

“The course was taught by code enforcement officials with more than 20 years of experience, who had lived through the code changes and were able to answer any question we had. I appreciated the opportunity to fine-tune my understanding of the intent of the code and external factors that have influenced each iteration over the years. The instructors went through all the current code books and provided a lot of clarification during the training.”

According to Managing Director Joseph Bastone, John’s completion of the certification exemplifies the dedication he shows each day, serving Metropolis clients. “John worked hard, managing his current workload and successfully completing the CEO accreditation,” said Bastone. “I’m personally very proud of John and his continued pursuit of the highest standards for his professional development and his desire to make significant contributions to the firm.”

Code Enforcement Official Certification

Provided by the Department of State (DOS) Division of Building Standards and Codes (DBSC) and administered by the DBSC’s Educational Services Unit, the program certifies individuals to perform any code enforcement activity either independently or with any authority having jurisdiction in the state. Such activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Review and/or approve plans associated with building permit applications
  • Perform construction inspections
  • Perform fire safety and/or property maintenance inspections of existing buildings

The coursework is divided into six parts, and participants must pass an exam after completing each part.

Upon receiving initial certification, professionals must complete 12 hours of continuing education and an additional 12 hours of DOS-certified continuing education each year.