DOB Flags BSA Decisions, Streamlines Certain Processes

DOB Flags BSA Decisions, Streamlines Certain Processes

By Katherine Baerga

In its ongoing quest to simplify approval processes, the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) has announced several changes that increase transparency and streamline appointment and permit requests.

Email Submission of Site Safety Plans

Applicants with General Construction (GC) and Foundation (FO) jobs in DOB NOW can now email Site Safety Plans to the DOB Construction Safety Compliance (CSC) Plan Examination Unit prior to job approval.

To submit Site Safety Plans for review:

  • Email the safety plan to
  • Include the address and DOB NOW job number in the subject line.

After the CSC Plan Examination Unit returns approved plans, applicants must make a Site Safety request in DOB NOW and upload the approved plans. Permits will not be issued unless Site Safety Plans are submitted and approved.

This is a temporary process, and DOB will issue additional guidance as the process evolves. 

BSA Decisions Flagged in Property Profiles

Effective March 8, 2022, decisions by the Board of Standards of Appeals (BSA) are now flagged in the BIS Property Profile and DOB NOW. The system flags apply to BSA decisions—including new applications, amendments, and extensions—issued since January 1, 1998.

A new item, “BSA Decision,” will appear on the Property Profile Overview page. Buildings with associated decisions will be flagged as “YES.” Clicking on “YES” will display a list of BSA decisions, which can be viewed by choosing the Calendar Number.

Flagged buildings may require applicants to consult with, or obtain approval from, the BSA.

Reminder: Development Hub BIS Job Appointments

As of February 15, 2022, the DOB no longer accepts email requests for Development Hub plan examination appointments for Buildings Information System (BIS) jobs. These appointments must be scheduled through the DOB Appointments System.

Requests for Development Hub prefiling consultation meetings are handled via a Hub Consultation Request. 

MIH: HPD Permits Not Required Outside MIH Areas

Per the May 14, 2021, Service Notice, New Building or Alteration-CO applicants on buildings flagged as “MIH – Mandatory Inclusionary Housing” must submit a Permit Notice issued by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), as well as an HPD-issued Completion Notice.

Previously, applicants for flagged buildings located outside an MIH area were required to submit a waiver request. Applicants for these flagged buildings can now upload a printout of the New York City Zoning and Land Use (ZoLa) map confirming that the building is located outside the MIH area.

To determine whether a property is located in an MIH area, enter the address in ZoLa, and select “Mandatory Inclusionary Housing areas” under “Supporting Zoning Layers.”

If you have any questions about these changes, contact Metropolis Group at 212.233.6344.