New Requirements for Salamander Use

By Brian Lafferty

Many commercial kitchens are outfitted with Salamanders – the high intensity broilers that chefs use to melt cheese on pizzas and char the tops of steaks. They provide a live, constant gas flame that succeeds not only in helping to cook, but also throws off quite a bit of heat. This comes in handy during cooler months, as the Salamander acts as a short term furnace.

Plumbing contractors completing the installation of Salamanders must connect the device to a cooking gas riser. Doing so will require the filing of an LAA for temporary heat. A gas inspection is necessary, which will confirm proper installation.

After the inspection is completed, the Licensed Master Plumber responsible for the installation may request a seasonal authorization for the gas. After the season ends, the LAA will be signed off and the whole setup returned to normal.