DOB Flipping Examiner Schedules

By Mario Aurioso

Within the DOB’s team of examiners, there are some that only see the public in the morning, and others who only see the public in the afternoon.

The DOB is flipping the schedules for some of these examiners. Those available in the morning are now available in the afternoon, and vice versa.

As a complication of the new schedule, the DOB may cancel appointments that are on the books after June 1st, as the examiner will no longer be available. You should receive a cancellation notice, with direction for how to reschedule.

The new schedule doesn’t relate to all examiners, only those referenced below. The new schedule starts June 1.

Examiner                 Current Schedule            Schedule Effective June 1st

Irina Berezina         9am – 12:40pm                 1pm – 4:40pm

Kenneth Fladen      1pm – 4:40pm                   9am – 12:40pm

Richard Gabel         1pm – 4:40pm                  9am – 12:40pm

Simon Awofesobi    1pm – 4:40pm                  9am – 12:40pm

Susan Woo             1pm – 4:40pm                  9am – 12:40pm