Inspection Ready System Launch & Inspection Downtime

By Mario Aurioso

The DOB is planning on launching Inspection Ready on December 8th. Preceding the official launch will be some down time and testing for some of the units. This down time will run from Dec 4th – 7th in order to test and prepare for the wider system launch.

There are unit by unit deadlines to schedule an inspection request:

  •  Construction / BPP/ Sustainability Development – Dec 2nd
  •  House connection Development – Dec 7th
  •  Plumbing Development – Dec 4th
  •  Boilers Development – Dec 3rd
  •  Elevators Development – Dec 4th

There are additional deadlines as well:

  • The Plumbing Unit’s last day to schedule an Advance Inspection Notice will be Dec 3rd.
  • The last day to submit an OP-98 result on paper will be Dec. 2nd.
  • The Plumbing counter will be closed and will no longer accept OP-98 paper submittals after Dec 2nd.
  • The start date for submitting an OP-98 information via Inspection Ready will start on Dec 7th.

For more information about Inspection Ready please visit :