Q-Matic System Enhancements

By Garvey Thelemaque

The DOB will roll out a new version of the Q-Matic system this week. The system helps manage the flow of customer requests to appropriate customer service windows, and covers everything from Application Processing, Certificate of Occupancy, Property Research, Records, Express Cashier, Fast App, Fee Adjustments, Enforcement and Development Inspections. Plans are for the system to be implemented throughout the agency.

The newest Q-Matic system will improve access to customer service windows and includes the following features:

  • Self-service kiosks for ticket issuance
  • Service tickets issued upon valid scan of a DOB issued ID
  • Improved visual displays for customer status in the queue
  • Better tracking of service needs for the public

There are restrictions. While only one active ticket per service is allowed per customer at a time, certain
types of tickets (Application Processing, Cashier, and Fast App) will allow more than one transaction per ticket. A new ticket can be pulled after the old ticket is closed out by the clerk.

Customers without a DOB identification card may continue to obtain service tickets from borough customer service representatives.