Expanded Scope of Work for Construction Superintendents

By Garvey Thelemaque

RCNY 3301-02 has gone into effect, and expands the scope of work for Construction Supervisors. There are two phases to the change.

In Phase I, Construction Superintendents have general responsibilities on a site. They must assure that work conforms to plans, notify the DOB of accidents or incidents, correct unsafe conditions, and maintain a site safety log.

In Phase II the Construction Superintendent must visit a job site every day that work occurs. A site will require a Construction Superintendent if the job does not have an approved Site Safety Program in place, and if the work involves vertical or horizontal enlargements, large scale demolition, alterations, excavation or removal of floors.

The primary Construction Superintendent is listed on a projects PW-2. Should this person be unable to perform the required duties. an alternate may substitute for up to two weeks. If this period exceeds two weeks, the DOB must be notified of the alternate.

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