Local Law 87/09: Extensions for Properties Undergoing Construction

By Renee Sosnowski

Local Law 87/09 (LL87/09) requires owners of applicable, mixed-use and residential buildings to submit an Energy Efficiency Report (EER) once every ten years. Owners must submit an EER in the calendar year coinciding with the last digit of the tax block number for their building.

Extension Requests 

For buildings that are undergoing demolition/construction activities during the year in which they are due to comply, owners should submit a request for an extension. These Extension requests are due by October 1, and if granted would extend the due date for the property by one year. Up to two extensions may be granted per property.

At the conclusion of the extension period, the property may apply for a ten year deferral (if it meets the criteria) or submit an Energy Efficiency Report.

For more information and pdfs of the extension forms, visit the LL87/09 webpage.