Gas Services Ready for A Close Up

By Frank Fortino

It’s safe to say our industry is constantly evolving.  Code, materials, intelligence, laws and best practices continually change. From time to time, issues and problems flare up, and the DOB looks for patterns. When there’s a cluster, it’s usually time to address the issue. One such issue involves plumbers and gas services.

There have been a steady stream of issues and problems with plumbers who have been installing new gas piping and gas services. The DOB has been monitoring these issues, and is ready to institute a new Buildings Bulletin to clarify some of these issues and help regulate the matters. The Bulletin will reference:

  • Fuel Gas
  • Limited Gas Alteration
  • Gas Piping System Replacement
  • Enlargement of Gas Service

With this Bulletin – scheduled for release later this summer – the DOB is making a clear statement related to public safety.   There will be more regulation and enforcement related to Gas Services. There will be fewer corners to cut and less tolerance of any failures to comply.

The Bulletin will cover regulations for gas installations on new buildings and existing buildings. The Bulletin will further show an example of where the related shafts and relocated enclosures will be revived, as well as the location of the emergency shut off valves.

This Bulletin will address conditions as to existing buildings where the issue is installing additional devices, and in which method they can be installed in.

Finally the Bulletin will address the method in which proper testing can be performed by skilled professionals.

We understand the Bulletin will be officially released in July/August. In the near term, we will follow this closely on and share details when they are ready.