Meet Metropolis . . . Jessamyn Torres, Multi-Talented Team Member

Meet Metropolis . . . Jessamyn Torres, Multi-Talented Team Member

This article continues our series on the men and women who make magic happen here at Metropolis Group. If you would like to recommend someone for a future employee spotlight, please email us with your nomination and let us know why you love working with this team member.

Jessamyn Torres

Executive Assistant

Metropolis Team Member Since . . . April 2017

Industry Experience

Before joining Metropolis, Jessamyn was working as the executive assistant for a councilman in Jersey City. Her employer also owned a bar and entrusted Jessamyn with its management. In this secondary role, she had the opportunity to work with the local Buildings Department in securing a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) and sidewalk permit for outdoor seating during warmer months. She had enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look at the building and construction industry—so much so that, when a friend told her about a position at Metropolis Group, Jessamyn immediately sent in a resume.

Jessamyn’s keen organizational and interpersonal skills set her apart from other candidates, and she was soon hired for the critical role of supporting founder and President Frank Fortino.

Role at Metropolis

As Frank’s executive assistant, Jessamyn handles administrative duties like scheduling and correspondence, but her greatest asset is her desire to go the extra mile and to anticipate Frank’s needs. “I like to challenge myself,” she says. “I want to provide real value, not simply hold a place.”

Jessamyn has embraced the opportunity to learn about the construction industry, participating in the frequent training sessions conducted by company veterans like Senior Vice President Andrew Pisani. Her expanding knowledge about industry and company procedures allows her to handle client requests and questions directly. “When a client sends an email asking for a specific thing, I can take care of it and provide Frank with an update, rather than giving him more work.”

Her efforts are greatly appreciated. Frank says, “Thank you, Jess, for your support, assistance, and help during the course of my day. We continue to grow and to get to know each other professionally. You are not only a very nice person, but also a wonderful mother. I thank you for all you do.”

Favorite Project

Her unique position at Metropolis allows Jessamyn to touch many of the projects at Metropolis, assisting with the kick-off and with securing final items for sign-off. Her favorite project so far is the 12-story office and retail building at 345 Park Avenue South. “Some of the floors are getting ready for new tenants. Others are going into sign-off. Some floors are still being built out. A lot of different things are going on I that building, and I enjoy the challenge of putting the bits and pieces together like a puzzle.”

Best Part of the Job

Jessamyn enjoys many aspects of her position at Metropolis, from learning technical aspects of the industry to interacting with her high-energy, dynamic co-workers. But she has one clear barometer for a satisfying day at the office: “The best part of my job is seeing Frank at his calmest. When he’s happy and calm, it brightens my day because I know that I’m doing something right and he has less to worry about.”

Not-So-Hidden Talent

When she’s not in the office, Jessamyn takes part in a range of leisure activities, including reading stories with a biographical focus and belting out “Somewhere over the Rainbow” on a karaoke stage. She also knows how to use a cosmetics kit and frequently assists friends and family members with their make-up for special events. Her skills include sewing and cooking. “I love experimenting in the kitchen,” says Jessamyn. “If I find something I like at a restaurant, I’ll go home and put my own spin on it. That’s how my current favorite—mango shrimp tacos—came about.”