DOB Launches Major Expansion of DOB NOW: Build

DOB Launches Major Expansion of DOB NOW: Build

By Penny Laughlin

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) is rolling out a major expansion and upgrade of its online filing portal, DOB NOW: Build. Phase 1, which launched on December 28, 2020, expands the filing types that must be submitted through DOB NOW: Build and introduces new work types for items previously filed as Other (OT) or Construction Equipment (EQ) in the Buildings Information System (BIS).

New DOB NOW Filings

Effective December 28, 2020, the following application types must now be submitted through DOB NOW:

  • General Construction (GC). Applies to all job types other than New Buildings, including Construction, Chimney, Façade and Enlargement
    • New Buildings (NB). Continue to fille in BIS with GC as only work type until Phase 2
    • Alterations Type 1 (Alt1). File “No Work” job and Schedule A in BIS; file GC in DOB NOW
    • Alterations Type 2 & 3 (Alt2, Alt-3). File in DOB NOW
  • Foundation (FO). Applies to all foundation work,* including Deep, Retaining Wall, Shallow, Tie Backs and Anchors, Underpinning, and Other
  • Earthwork (EA). Applies to all earthwork,* including Excavation, Landscape, Sitework (Grading and fill), Soil Improvement(s), and Underpinning
  • Support of Excavation (SE). All support of excavation work,* including Berming/Sloping/Benching, Ground Freezing, Shoring/Bracing, Slurry Shaft/Wall, Soil Grouting/Improvement/Mixing, Tangent/Secant Piles, Tie Backs and Anchors, and Other
  • Protection & Mechanical Methods (PM). Applies to all protection and mechanical methods,* including Chute, Cocoon, Hoisting Equipment, Mechanical Demolition Equipment, Platform, Roof Overhead Protection, Roof Protection, and Other

* Includes work associated with New Buildings, except for 1-, 2-, and 3-Family New Buildings, as described below

Buildings Information System (BIS) Filings

The following applications will continue to go through BIS:

  • Above work types that have received “D” status (or later) in BIS by December 23, 2020
  • Post Approval Amendments (PAAs) on existing BIS filings
  • New Buildings (NB) jobs
    • 1-, 2-, and 3-Family Homes. Separate Foundation, Earthwork, and Support of Excavation filings will not be required during Phase 1; those elements may be included on the architectural plan set for the OT/GC filing in BIS. However, if separate filings of these work types are submitted, they must be filed in DOB NOW, similar to the existing exemption for Mechanical and Structural elements.
    • All Other Building Types. File the OT/GC work type in BIS; all DOB NOW work types must be submitted in DOB NOW
    • Alt-1 Jobs. File “No Work” job and Schedule A in BIS; file GC in DOB NOW

Other DOB NOW Additions

Other Phase 1 additions to DOB NOW include the following:

  • Composite permits. One permit covering multiple work types
  • Enhanced layout. Offers new features, including expanded search, exporting, and filing validation
  • Site Safety Plan
  • Tenant Protection Plan
  • Supersede – of Design Professional**
  • Withdrawal – of Design Professional or Contractor/Licensee**

** Applies to DOB NOW jobs filed since July 1, 2019. All other supersede/withdrawal requests must be submitted via the DOB NOW Help Form.

Phase Two

The next phase of the DOB NOW upgrade will launch later this winter. At that time, the system will expand to include Job/Project Types and Certificate of Occupancy transactions. More information will become available as the launch date approaches.

If you have questions about these changes, or if you need assistance with your projects, please contact Metropolis Group at 212.233.6344.