FDNY Launches New Processes, Procedures & Forms

FDNY Launches New Processes, Procedures & Forms

Earlier this year, FDNY expanded its online portal, FDNY Business, to accept payments and refund requests, as well as withdrawal requests. Several other changes have been implemented to streamline processing and to decrease exposure risk during the ongoing pandemic.

Project Authorization Requests

After FDNY has accepted a project application and issued a Letter of Acceptance, applicants must submit a Project Authorization Request through FDNY Business. FDNY will review authorization requests and notify applicants if any additional information is required.

Once FDNY completes the review, the application status will be updated in the system, and applicants will receive an email notification. The application status will change to one of the following, as applicable:

  • Project Authorization Issued
  • Not Required
  • Denied
  • Revoked
  • Cancelled
  • Expired

If FDNY approves the authorization request, the agency will issue a Project Authorization Letter, valid for two years.

Remote Video Inspections of Fire Alarms

The Fire Alarm Inspection Unit has launched a pilot program to minimize COVID-19 exposure and to increase the efficiency of the inspection process. Inspectors are using digital video technology to conduct Remote Video Inspections (RVIs).

The RVI inspection option is only available for re-inspections of Letters of Defect. FDNY will not accept RVI inspection requests on applications with active violation orders. The scheduling supervisor will determine whether the inspection can be performed remotely and how many cameras are required.

Professional Certification of Corrected Fire Alarm Defects

FDNY now allows licensed professionals to certify correction of certain fire alarm system defects, using Certification of Corrected Defects FA-26. To ensure the integrity of these re-inspections, licensed professionals may only certify correction of minor fire alarm system defects (e.g., missing components, non-approved components, and non-working components). Additionally, systems with too many minor defects (more than 10 in low-rise buildings, more than 20 in high-rises) still require FDNY re-inspection.

Certifications must be submitted by the following licensed or certified professionals, provided they hold a Fire Department Certificate of Fitness, per Fire Code Section 113, and are a principal or employee of a business holding a Company Certificate, per Fire Code Section 115:

  • Fire alarm installers
  • Registered design professionals, licensed by New York State
  • DOB-licensed electricians

All certifications of corrected defects are subject to audit.

Revised ARC System Form

Applications for Auxiliary Radio Communication (ARC) Systems must complete the revised Agreement Allowing Use of In-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication System on Fire Department Radio Frequencies, updated on February 22, 2021. The modifications were designed to assist building owners in completing the form and to expedite its review.

If you have any questions about these changes, or if you need assistance with a project, please contact Metropolis Group at 212.233.6344.